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GeoReka! software is a set of 3D visualization, communication and modelling tools developed by HvM (International Services) Ltd.

The main driver of GeoReka! is owner Hilco van Moerkerk. Hilco has a Master’s in Electrical Engineering with a focus on signal processing. Since his graduation in 1999 he has been developing 3D applications starting with analysis of human motion from inertial sensors (similar technology as borehole surveying). From there he moved into 3D image processing and statistics before becoming a developer of geological modelling software. After several years he moved into customer support and training to be in closer contact with customers. In Oct. 2012 he started development of GeoReka!. Hilco is keen to share his 8+ years of expertise in 3D geological data interpretation and modelling with enthusiastic geoscientists.

Andy Abraham is a Certified Professional Geologist with over 37 years of experience and has worked in the mineral industry for over 22 of those years. Over the past ten years his work has focussed on 3D modelling and he has conducted close to 200 projects ranging from structural reinterpretation and due diligence of early stage exploration projects worldwide to studies at major mines in North America and Europe.

GeoReka! is part of the 4dCoders consortium of independent geological software developers. 4dCoders is a consortium of software companies with a particular interest and experience in developing solutions for use in geosciences and the minerals industry.


To request more info or to obtain a licence please contact one of us:

Toronto, Canada
Andy P.G. Abraham, Ph.D.: andy@geo-reka.com

Lancaster, United Kingdom
Hilco van Moerkerk, M.Sc.: hilco@geo-reka.com

Or for general information email