Highly competitive pricing
FREE Viewer
$ -

3D Visualization and interpretation

  • Imports existing GEOREKA projects
  • Add comments
  • Save Project Settings
$ 500

3D Visualization and interpretation

  • High-end 3D Visualization
  • Dynamic sectional view
  • Imports most data types
  • Exports high-res sectional and 3D views
$ 2500

Modelling package

  • Includes Envision
  • Block modelling
  • Geology modelling
  • Digitizing
  • Flexible workflows
$ 750+

ADD-ON to modelling

  • Visualize hundreds of millions of points
  • Dedicated processing of large point clouds
  • Integrates with modelling package

Affordable... How is that possible?

Many people that come across GEOREKA for the first time are a bit suspecious about why our pricing is so competetive. They believe that either the software cannot be good or something else must be wrong. Sorry to say, but that is not the case. With over 10 years experience developing software for the mineral exploration and quarrying industry we understand the challenges. However, we also understand that most other geological modeling software is way over-priced. At least that is how we felt when we started GEOREKA. Because we did not want to compromise on quality (quite the contrary!) we looked for alternative ways to keep the costs down, while providing full modeling functionality. Below you can find more on how we manage to keep prices realistic.


Open source tools

These days it is hard to understand why the geological sciences have not embraced open-source tools more. At GEOREKA we actively search for and adapt existing tools that can be applied to geological sciences. This means we do not re-invent the wheel, but focus our efforts on making those tools suitable for the geological sciences.


Small teams

The use of existing tools means we can operate with a small team. Small teams are more flexible and adaptable and have more in-depth knowledge. This in turn means we can quickly respond to requests and suggestions from our users.



We are extremely enthusiastic about what we do. Therefore we do not spend loads of money on advertising and marketing. Instead we cherish the enthusiasm of our users so they will inspire others just like we do. You will find that our sales people are not just that. They are active users that love geology but also have a keen interest in software.

Free trial?

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More info?

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