Interactive Modeling Module Features

The Interactive Modeling Module is the latest module extension to GeoReka! It allows users to digitize and edit polylines in 3D but also directly interact with surfaces imported or created in GeoReka!

3D Polyline Digitizing and Editing options

Digitizing is done on any surface imported into the Envision Module. This means you can digitize on existing DXF’s or other surfaces, wireframes etc. A common application for this is to drape maps or other images onto a topography surface and draw the feature outlines directly on the topography surface to be used for further modeling.

Alternatively, to have a more 2D drawing feel, drawing can be done on the arbitrarily oriented section plane in 3D. This allows users to draw in section or on multiple sections with regular intervals while retaining the 3D oversight of the whole project area.

Digitized polylines can be used directly for modeling using the Data-Driven Modeling Module. Special tools  (e.g. Extruding a surface with specific Plunge and Azimuth settings and direct triangulation of polylines) in the Data-Driven Modeling Module to help you make the most with the digized polylines.

Lines can be drawn as straight lines, Bezier curves, or in Freehand form which is very practical in certain situations.

Any polyline, created or imported into GeoReka! can be opened to be edited.

Unique surface manipulation feature

GeoReka! provides an industry first technique to interact with surfaces. In many circumstances semi-automated ways to create contacts, faults etc. will not be exactly as you would want them to be. In those cases it can be very cumbersome to have to go back and tweak parameters or selections. However, this unique tool allows you to directly pull and push surfaces into shape. A bit like playing with clay models. A very efficient and effective way to create the models that you want.

Selecting triangulated surface parts

Sometimes surfaces, wireframes and grade shells can consist of multiple parts. This may not always be suitable for further modelling. In those cases it is very helpful to quickly select the parts you want to extract and save them as a new object. This is exactly what GeoReka! can do. Pick the part(s) in 3D and save them as a new object that can then be used for further modelling.