Version 2.2.8 is available for download. If you would like to download the free 30 day trial of GeoReka! (or to get the latest version), please fill out and submit the form by pressing the link below. After submitting the form an automated reply will contain all the download links (please check your spam folder if nothing has arrived within an hour). The link includes all manuals.

Download Request

Upgrades and test data

If you already have a licence and just want to upgrade or if you would like to request some example data please contact Andy or Hilco.


The high-quality of the 3D graphics means you will need either an NVidia or an AMD graphics card to make it run properly. Intel graphics (especially newer ones) may work but are not supported as such, because they are known to cause problems running 3D applications. We recommend a computer with at least 8GB of internal memory.



GeoReka! has been developed for 64bit Windows. It has been tested on Windows 7 and 8, but should work fine on Vista and possibly even XP.Windows 10 has limited support. Although the software will work fine on most machines, issues with graphics drivers means on certain machines the response will be very slow. In those cases try a clean install of the latest drivers from you graphics manufacturer (not the laptop manufacturer).

Mac version

A version (tested on Mavericks) is available for Apple Mac, please contact us to request a Mac Beta.