Dirk Tempelman-Kluit, Consulting geologist:

“Geo-reka is excellent, simple and inexpensive. I have used the viewer and workflow builder of Geo-reka for about 6 months and am a convert from other more complicated and more expensive programs. The relatively low cost of Geo-reka was an initial attraction but when I saw the graphics and how easy it is to learn and use I was sold. Importing drill data is simple and quick and Geo-reka easily imports georeferenced images as well as solids and surfaces from other programs in a range of formats. Makes it easy to evaluate a drill project. I love that the sectional view and 3D views are dynamically linked so you can see any section beside the 3D view; it makes visualizing 3D data simple. Clients who see their data in Geo-reka have been pleased and fascinated with the clarity and simplicity of use.”