Envision is GEOREKA’s base package. It allows you to bring in a variety of data and display it in a powerful 3D environment. Envision comes with a slicing tool that also acts as an interactive section plane that can be oriented in any arbitrary direction.

GEOREKA imports:
  •     Drilling data
  •     Solids and surfaces
  •     Points (with attributes)
  •     Polylines
  •     GIS shape files
  •     Block models / grids
  •     (Georeferenced) Images
  •     Large Point Clouds


Combine all your data


Understand the geology


Explain to pears, managers


Visualization is the key ingredient to any geological model. From the start a lot of focus has been on quick and powerful visualization. Using state-of-the-art rendering techniques GEOREKA provides for high-quality visualization that rivals all other geological modelling packages.

High-end 3D

Combine a variety of data sources into a high-end 3D graphics environment to produce an insightful and stunning visualization.

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Interpretation of data can only follow good insight of all available knowledge. Therefore we strive to support as many file types as possible. To further enhance understanding of the data Envision provides all tools to help you reach the correct conclusions.


Communication is the 3rd pillar of the Envision package. Visualizing and understanding the data is essential, but being able to communicate your understanding to others is equally important. Envision allows for 3D comments to be attached to data. The dynamic section view and the batch export options help to share your insights to 3rd parties.

Full feature list

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