Mineral Exploration

The most important part of any exploration project is to understand the geology. In our philosophy 3D visualization is critical to understanding. Our full modeling package includes tools to model geology like veins, dykes, but also allows for rough estimation of resources.

See how GEOREKA can help your project

In these short videos we highlight some tools to help you quickly understand the geology.
An overview of the most important modelling tools for exploration can be found on our modelling page.
Flexible Modeling Tools

GEOREKA Software is like a Swiss Army knife. It is packed with tools to make them fit for your project rather than the other way around.

  • Geological Modelling

  • Vein Modelling

  • Ordinary Kriging

  • Implicit Modelling (RBF)

  • Digitizing

  • Various Export Options

  • Manual Data Selections

  • ...

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