3D Geological Modelling

GEOREKA’s modelling is versatile and adaptable. It is a like a Swiss army knife with many different tools. In combination with its unique modelling approach it can be made to fit any project be it Mineral exploration or Quarrying. The heart of all geologial modelling is a data-driven processing engine. On top of that are manual editing options like 3D digitizing and direct manipulation of surfaces.

Some of GEOREKA's geological modelling tools:
  • Data-Driven / Implicit modelling
  • 3D Digitizing
  • Numeric / block modelling
  • Geology modelling
  • Point and interval Selections

Determine your workflow

A unique and adaptable modeling framework that lets you control how to model your data

Modelling geology

Use the flexible and powerful point or interval selection to control you models such as stratigraphic layers, intrusives, veins or faults

Quick rough estimates

Compare rough estimation results from Inverse Distance, RBF and Ordinary Kriging. GEOREKA will not produce full resource models.

Determine your workflow

GEOREKA lets you visually set up your own workflow. A workflow that suits the project and not the other way around. They can be saved for re-use at a later stage or for reporting purposes, providing a visual overview.

Flexible and reproducible

An example of a workflow showing how data can be extracted from drill samples to create a geological domain

Stratigraphic layers

Stratigraphic layers can often be modelled directly from the data. Creating the geological model from stratigraphic layers is straightforward.

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Veins, dykes and more

Thin structures like veins and dykes generally cannot be modelled directly from the drill data. For these more complex deposits manual selection of data provides a highly flexible and robust way to produce models.

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Faults are represented as surfaces in GEOREKA. Similar to other boundaries, faults can be used to define domains. Create faults from drill samples, digitizing, extrusion or a simple flat plane from the section plane directly.

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Quick estimates

GEOREKA does not have full geostatistical capabilities and cannot be used for full resource models. However, it has extensive tools for quick and efficient estimates using either Inverse distance, RBF or Ordinary Kriging interpolation. Any interpolation can be constrained to any domain to give valuable estimates.
The resulting block models can be constrained to pit designs or evaluated by bench level. Multi-element options are available to efficiently highlight high-quality or low-quality areas

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Full feature list

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