Industrial minerals

Still using Excel and similar tools to estimate your volumes? See how GEOREKA uses a streamlined workflow to interpolate samples and produce volume estimates dynamically.

Geology and block models

GEOREKA specializes in subsurface modelling of mineral resources and geology. It complements design packages like LSS that excel at producing pit designs.

GEOREKA takes drilling data like geochemistry and lithology information to produce (faulted) stratigraphic and block models. These can be used to obtain volumes for reporting and planning. The modelling package contains all the tools to create triangulated surfaces from points, polylines or directly from drilling data as well as block models constrained by geology, pit designs or bench levels.

A typical work flow would be interpolate the geochemical data to define high and low quality areas in a quarry. The result is a block model that can be colored with various thresholds. Further details can be obtained by limiting the block models by pit designs or even by bench.
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Stratigraphic modelling

Stratigraphic layers can often be modelled directly from the data. Creating the geological model from stratigraphic layers is straightforward. This block describes how stratigraphic models can be generated in GEOREKA.

Dedicated Quarrying Tools

GEOREKA was initially also developed for the minerals industry, but due to strong interest from quarrying companies, additional tools have been added to address specific requirements.

  • Estimate resource volumes

  • Multi-element interpolation

  • Clip model by benches

  • Clip models to pit (design)

  • Get volume between two DTM's

  • ...

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